An Introduction to Bicycle Road Racing

Presented at Youngstown State University    June 2, 2008

Charles Howe, Velodynamics

Each part below is presented in PDF format (requires Adobe Reader).  Since the files are somewhat large, please be patient and allow enough time for downloading.

Due to time constraints, only Parts 1 and 2 were actually presented; the remainder was intended for further reading.  Part 6 was later separated from Part 5, and has been updated several times as developments have unfolded.  It provides a factual summary to direct others toward when the question arises, “Does he or doesn’t he?”

Part 1 (2.35 MB)    Getting Started

Parts 2a (5.0 MB)  &  2b (9.24 MB)    Road Racing De-Mystified

Parts 3/4 (1.16 MB)    A Tactical Primer/Essentials of Cycling Physiology

Parts 5a (7.32 MB)  &  5b (14.72 MB)    History and Lore

Part 6 (6.12 MB)    A Contemporary Challenge


Photo: Paul Martin wins the Powell Circuit Race, first stage of the Wendy’s International Cycling Classic, 2 July 2002.